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Bubba Kush

Simply the best smokable bud!

Bubba Kush

Why Bubba Kush?

•  Vigorous, compact and hardy growth

•  High yield
•  Pathogen resistant
•  Designer terpene profile

The low maintenance solution for busy growers. 

Our flagship cultivar, this versatile indica dominant hybrid was created with a broad spectrum of powerful characteristics to meet the needs of every grower.  Potent, popular, and easy to grow, Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that's considered a top-shelf strain.

"In the early stages Bubba Kush CBD needs very minimal water so the roots can stretch out and look for water. Initially, water up and then water every other day until plants need daily watering. We started watering daily this week and our plants are waist height and temps have been in the low 100's."


A revolutionary breakthrough in elite hemp cultivars


High yield-CBD content, disease resistant, vigorous & hearty, generally a stocky, bushy plant with dense, bulky flowers. Produces between 9-12% CBD week 8, 12 -16% week 9, and up to 4,000 lb of biomass/acre.

Bubba Kush is an elite CBD hemp cultivar with a robust open structure giving this plant outstanding light penetration. Bubba produces large, dense, resinous flower and likes temperate, dry, desert and Mediterranean climates. 


Bubba Kush CBD cannabis seeds belong to an Indica-dominant, feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Pre'98 Bubba Kush and a CBD-rich strain. Since Bubba Kush is indeed one of the best Indica strains ever created, and ever to become part of our collection, we have decided to develop a high-CBD version accessible to all.

A major breakthrough in the creation of elite hemp cultivars, this varietal meets the expectations of both large-scale commercial production and small farm boutique cultivation. Climatically versatile and optimized for dry arid desert and mountainous conditions. Compact and hardy growth is optimal for high wind areas. Strong resistance to drought and pathogenic disease. The classic Afghani Kush terpene profile is displayed by strong gassy notes of black pepper with earthy citric undertones. Legally compliant for trimmed flower and extraction purposes.


Strain Name:  Bubba Kush CBD

Cross:  Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Elite Hemp Cultivar

Genotype:  90% Indica/10% Sativa

Yields: About 1 lb plus flower per plant, 4,000 lb biomass/acre

Plant Height:  4’-5'

THC:  0.2%

CBD:  12%

Bubba Kush is noted for her excellent crops in terms of quality: incredibly compact buds overflowing with trichomes; rock-hard, sticky flowers showcasing a marvelously unique aroma and a legendary effect. And, to top it off, the resin produced by this plant is one of her most important traits because it's of superb quality. 


Bubba Kush showcases a unique aroma. The expression “it smells of Bubba” is not used for nothing. When saying so, we refer to a mix of gasoline and earth, with hints of coffee, spices and citrus; some incredible touches that are also noticeable in her exceptional taste. Both have very strong personalities that, if consumed by combustion, turn into dense smoke.


Bubba Kush is suitable for all kinds of growers, rookies included, because she is indeed a really grateful plant. With a short flowering of 60-63 days, she provides fabulous results in exchange for very little attention. There’s only one drawback: she has plenty of incredibly wide leaves that could prevent the buds in the centre from receiving the amount of light they need. But there’s an easy solution to this problem: trimming.

Let’s keep a watchful eye on her growth at the end of the vegetative phase, right when the plant is about to start flowering. We should, therefore, trim the central leaves because in this way, with the best ventilation and light conditions, will we be able to get central buds that grow normally, without any potential moisture-related problems. Don’t forget that, when growing outdoors with natural light, Bubba Kush is ready for harvest by mid-Oct.

Bubba Kush CBD makes an excellent option for any kind of breeder, particularly for Indica-lovers looking for a soothing effect with a lower psychoactivity that won't prevent them from leading a normal life. This groundbreaking strain allows us to enjoy a wide variety of delicious organoleptic properties that are definitely worth a try.

Bubba Kush CBD is a cannabis plant that offers really intense flavours and aromas, with notes of soil, sweet fruits and Kush. Its relaxing effect not being particularly long-lasting or potent is ideal for treating insomnia, anorexia and muscle tension.


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