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Original Hybrid:

Lemon Snow CBG X Bubba Kush Selection 66.


Lemon Octane is a unique and rare cross between Lemon Snow CBG and Bubba Kush Selection 66. Taking the best traits of these two selections, this hybrid is compliant for hemp cultivation producing a plant with high CBG and CBD contents. In approximately 50% of the plants, inflorescences are bright lime green indicative of the Lemon Snow female parent with the other half expressing a dull to bright purple color of the male parent. Whatever color, inflorescences are very frosty with a high trichome number and density on flo-ral bracts and subtending inflorescence leaves. Phenotypical expression varies but CBG and CBD contents are consistently high at 10-12% CBG and up to 12% CBD in every inflorescence, Lemon Octane has superior disease and pest resistance especially to powdery mildew and bud rot.

Indica/sativa ratio:  100%

Indica Morphology:

Medium to large-sized, spreading plants to 2.5m tall, 2m wide with an open, strong branching structure allowing light penetration and flower development on the lower and inner inflorescences. Leaves have wide leaflets inconsistent with coarsely

rounded toothed to single and double teethed leaf margins.


Users report that this strain provides a sedate calmness with strong physical body relaxation and deep pain relief with a high level of lucidity and presence. This combinations of CBG and CBD cannabinoids produces a unique experience for new users and an effective medicine for non- psychoactive pain re-lief and deep relaxation.


Strong, fresh aroma and taste of earthy citrus with a kush familiar dank reminiscent of the Bubba Kush male parent.


Lemon Octane is easy to grow with excellent pest and disease resistance especially against fungal afflictions. Plants in vegetative growth develop strong branches quickly. Light to no deleafing is all that’s necessary for maximum yields.

Days to Finish and Yield 


Harvest mid-October, 8-10 weeks in flower, 900gm/plant, up to 2.5m in height

Indoor / Light Deprivation Greenhouse:

450 gm/plant, 55-60 days to finish flowering

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