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Pre '98

Bubba Kush

Simply the best smokable bud!


Bubba Kush Pheno 59, Pheno 66, Pheno 77

Original Hybrid:

Bubba Kush Pre ‘98 X CBD (elite clone) by DinaFem, Spain


Improved selections of Pre '98 Bubba Kush with high CBD content in a compact plant, beautifully-hued with purple to black fade and intense, unique terpene profiles with the many therapeu- tic effects of cannabidiol.


Bubba Kush Select is offered as feminized seed with a higher CBD content and lower THC content than the original Bubba Kush with improved yield and pest/disease resistance especially to powdery mildew and bud rot as well as resistance to mites and thrip damage, closer compliance alignment and increased therapeutic benefits.

Indica/sativa ratio:

70% indica : 30% sativa


Medium-sized, spreading plants to 2.5m tall, 1.5m wide with an open branching structure allowing light penetration and flower development on the lower and inner inflorescences. Leaves have wide leaflets with coarsely toothed leaf margins.


Bubba Kush Select has a major relaxing, narcotic effect. The CBD content has anti-inflammatory properties that work in balanced entourage with the pain reducing and muscle ten- sion mitigating effect of the THC. This strain is perfect for re- laxing or winding down at the end of the day or for recovering after a physical workout.


Unique terpene profile and flavor that persistents when dry. Spicy, coffee with notes of the earth, sweet fruits and Kush dank.


Bubba Kush Select is easy to grow with increased pest and disease resistance. The open morphology of the plants reduces the need to remove leaves in order to increase light penetration and air circulation. Growers should stay alert to the need for removing fan leaves if light is limited and airflow is impeded by too many leaves.

Days to Finish and Yield


Harvest mid-October, 8-10 weeks in flower, 900gm/plant, up to 2.5m in height

Indoor / Light Deprivation Greenhouse:

450 gm/plant, 55-60 days to finish flowering


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