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Does climate make a difference?

  • Bubba and White Whale

    •  We have grown from 35 degrees to 103 degrees F  

Which fertilizer is the best to use.

  • Fertilizer and feed depends on the composition of the soil.

How much watering and how often?

  • Situation dependant 

  • All strains can be grown indoors and outdoors

What is the best time to plant outdoors?

  • No later than June 1st

What is the average flower yield per plant?

  • ~ 1 lb/ plant

What is the average amount of biomass per plant?

  • Depends on what your business model is/ what you are harvesting for (ie. just the tops, entire plant, or smalls)

How tall and wide is the average plant?

  • Depends on how long the plants are vedged for.

How many seeds per acre?

  • 1800-2200

What kind of spacings on average?

  • 4 feet

How long is a grow cycle? (From seed to harvest).

Grow cycle length can depend on many things... but here is the quick version:

  • Indoor - 17 weeks total

    • Tray - 4 weeks 

    • Vedge - 4 weeks

    • Flower - 9 weeks 

  • Outdoor -  5 months and 1 week (June-October)

    • Tray - 4 weeks

    • Vedge and Flower - depends on the natural light cycles (July-October)

Will the germination rate be lower if I seed directly into the ground?

  • Direct sowing (seed directly into the ground)

    • 4 weeks

    • Lower germination rate

  • Seed starts (planting seedlings into the ground)

    • 4 weeks in trays in a greenhouse

    • Higher germination rate

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